2010 Water outbreaks: Saratoga Springs, Utah; Alamosa, Colorado; and Jackson, Missouri

The City of Saratoga Springs, Utah is the site of campylobacter outbreak linked to drinking water.  The outbreak has caused at least 12 confirmed illnesses, but residents of the City believe that many more people have been infected in the outbreak.  According to the Deseret News, the City has issued a boil water order in an effort to limit the spread of illness.

Officials say boiling the drinking water of all users of the culinary water system located north of 400 South in Saratoga Springs for at least one minute could help reduce the risk of picking up the contaminant believed to cause the stomach or intestinal illness. An alternative is to buy bottled water or use liquid household bleach that is free of additives and scents to disinfect water.

Officials are hopeful the order will be in effect for just 24 hours, but they warned residents Thursday that it could last up to 72 hours.

City Manager Ken Leetham said the bacteria causing the illness is campylobacter, which, if left untreated, can cause intestinal problems. It can be treated with antibiotics.

Read the entire article here:

Water outbreaks: Saratoga Springs, Utah; Alamosa, Colorado; and Jackson, Missouri

POSTED BY DREW FALKENSTEIN  in the Food Poison Journal ON MAY 14, 2010



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