Diver Cleaning

Divers make quick work of cleaning water towers.


Our first dive of 2019 and another water tower is clean.  We were able to remove all sediment from the floor of the elevated tank, leaving nothing but clean drinking water.

You may ask why this is important?  Water is treated before it is stored in tanks and towers.  This is the last stop water makes before being served at your tap.  Over time, storage tanks accumulate sediment.  Sediment on the floor of of the tank can be a habitat for a wide range of contaminants.

According to the CDC some of the top causes of water-related diseases and contamination outbreaks in drinking water are:

These living contaminants can use the sediment to hide from treatment chemicals, growing and becoming a threat to public health.  A qualified diver sealed in a dry suit and then washed down with a chlorine solution, to meet AWWA guidelines, can enter storage tanks and clean the floor while the tank remains full of treated water.

This saves the water utility Time, Water and Money!  Make 2019 the year you clean your water storage tanks so your community has the BEST QUALITY WATER POSSIBLE!


For more information visit:  www.rpwt.us

For a tank inspection or cleaning quote call 817-377-4899

e-mail tankinspections@aol.com

Photo Top: Diver on Water Tower after Cleaning 01-08-2019.

Photo Bottom: Sediment being removed from water storage tank.

For more information on water storage tank contamination see;


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