Divers Beware COVID-19 may be coming to your family gathering

As we enter into the 2020 Holiday Season I wanted to share two stories with my dive crew, so I thought I would put it on this public blog to share it with everyone. This year is truly different than any other we have lived through. For the first time, instead of getting together with the people we love and care about, we are staying home and encouraging them to stay home which may be the best way we have to protect them and ourselves.

First Story:

ARLINGTON, Texas — It was just going to be a small, casual get-together – a Nov. 1 birthday party with fajitas and cake for a cousin of Alexa Aragonez.

Alexa didn’t attend, but she gave her 57-year-old mother a ride to the party.

A total of 12 members of the Aragonez family were there.

Within days, all of them had COVID. 

12 went to the party 15 later tested positive for COVID-19 See the story HERE.

Officials say thanksgiving may be the biggest spreader event of COVID yet.

Second Story:

Even if you get it and get over it, COVID-19 may not be done with you as you can see in this 60 Minutes report. While most will recover, some die and even more have symptoms that keep them from getting back to normal.

Doctors are still searching for answers to why a portion of people who were diagnosed with COVID-19 are still suffering symptoms months later.

Do everything you can to stay safe. For most of us that means a lonely Thanksgiving holiday. That is so much better than spreading the disease.

CDC Recommendations:

Considerations for Small Gatherings of Family and Friends

Celebrating virtually or with members of your own household (who are consistently taking measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19) poses the lowest risk for spread. Your household is anyone who currently lives and shares common spaces in your housing unit (such as your house or apartment). This can include family members, as well as roommates or people who are unrelated to you. People who do not currently live in your housing unit, such as college students who are returning home from school for the holidays, should be considered part of different households. In-person gatherings that bring together family members or friends from different households, including college students returning home, pose varying levels of risk. READ More from the CDC HERE:

Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings

Happy Thanksgiving from the office crew!

One last thing: THANKSGIVING in the time of CORONA – How Are Americans Avoiding COVID This Thanksgiving? | The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah: Click Here: https://youtu.be/LhUmg46u7y0

“The most important thing about Thanksgiving is to make sure you are around for the next one” – Trevor Noah.

I hope everyone has a Great Holiday, Stay informed, and Stay Safe!

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