Water Tank Cleaning


Clean your water tanks.  No mater how you do it Cleaning your water storage tanks is important.  Soft sediment accumulations on the floor of your water storage tank can be an inviting habitat for bacteria, protozoa and even viruses.  Keeping your tank clean will improve water quality, lower chlorine cost and reduce the chance of a RTCR violation.

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Texas Water Tank Inspection & Cleaning


Texas Water Tank Inspection and Cleaning.  Every Day our crews are serving Texas water utilities with our inovative underwater inspection services.  Our inspections are done with underwater cameras so there is no water loss.  Our cleaning services are primarily done with a commercial dive crew that is able to remove sediment from the floor of your tank with minimal water loss and usually no disruption in service!

Diver Cleaning

Divers make quick work of cleaning water towers.


Our first dive of 2019 and another water tower is clean.  We were able to remove all sediment from the floor of the elevated tank, leaving nothing but clean drinking water.

You may ask why this is important?  Water is treated before it is stored in tanks and towers.  This is the last stop water makes before being served at your tap.  Over time, storage tanks accumulate sediment.  Sediment on the floor of of the tank can be a habitat for a wide range of contaminants.

According to the CDC some of the top causes of water-related diseases and contamination outbreaks in drinking water are:

These living contaminants can use the sediment to hide from treatment chemicals, growing and becoming a threat to public health.  A qualified diver sealed in a dry suit and then washed down with a chlorine solution, to meet AWWA guidelines, can enter storage tanks and clean the floor while the tank remains full of treated water.

This saves the water utility Time, Water and Money!  Make 2019 the year you clean your water storage tanks so your community has the BEST QUALITY WATER POSSIBLE!


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Photo Top: Diver on Water Tower after Cleaning 01-08-2019.

Photo Bottom: Sediment being removed from water storage tank.

For more information on water storage tank contamination see;







ESTABLISHED WATER TANK AND TOWER INSPECTION AND CLEANING COMPANY is seeking a commercial diver. Good criminal history and driving record is required.

PAID- Out of town travel is required on both positions (typically 3-4 days per week).

Line Air Dive Training is Required. Commercial Diver Experience is preferred.
Fall protection and confined space training are required and may be provided free of charge for the right individual. CURRENT SCUBA, CPR Certification and recent diving physical are required, preference given to ADCI Certified Diver.

Top PAY for experienced Water TANK and TOWER DIVER. E-mail resume and salary history.

Key Responsibilities:
Work underwater and above water with a Dive Team of 3 – 4 commercially certified divers. Efficiently and effectively perform water tank and tower inspections and the removal of tank sediment from the floor of water storage tanks. Must be able to climb 100-200 foot ladders. Must be fit and able to carry gear bags up to 80 pounds.

Working Conditions:

Love of working outdoors is essential and the willingness to work in bad weather conditions. (i.e. rain, high humidity and heat).

Required to work a minimum of 35 hours per week for FT position.
Able to work occasional weekends and overtime as needed.

Employment is year round. Pay based on experience. Pre-employment drug screening is required. This position requires frequent out of town travel, paid by company (from Fort Worth, Texas). Please e-mail resume and use “Resume” on subject line.

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Potable Water Storage Inspection Course

Potable Water Storage Inspection Course Dates:
8/1/19 to 8/2/19 San Antonio, TX
9/11/19 to 9/12/19 Camp Shelby, MS
10/10/19 to 10/11/19 Arlington, TX

Water storage tanks and towers are assets that represent a major capital investment. In 2015 I developed a class for the Environmental Training Institute at The University of Texas at Arlington. The class, “WTR 308 Potable Water Storage Inspection Techniques,” is now being offered for the fourth year.  The class covers how common contaminants that may be found in potable water such as Legionella bacteria and Cryptosporidium can use tank sediment as a habitat to grow and become a public health threat. 

The course also looks at new threats like Naegleria fowleri.  In August 2013, the death of a 4-year-old boy near Violet, LA., was linked to the Naegleria fowleri amoeba. The child had been playing on a backyard slip-n-slide that used water from the St. Bernard Parish public water system, that was later found to be contaminated with the amoeba. The class covers basic safety procedures when inspecting water storage such as safety issues associated with working in confined spaces and working at height. The course also covers inspection strategy development, selection and use of underwater cameras, sediment sampling devices, gas monitoring instruments needed for human entry into the tank, and best practices for inspection documentation. To enroll contact the UTA Environmental Training Institute at 866-906-9190.