ROV water tank inspection video

The Video Ray Remotely Controlled Vehicle may be one of the best inspection tools for any type of water tanks.  To meet NFPA standards fire protection tanks should be inspected at least once every five years.  If the tank is also used for potable water additional inspections may be required each year depending on what state the facility is located in.  The Video Ray ROV is able to inspect the tank with no disruption in service or loss of fire protection.  This saves time water and money. Due to the fact that the Video Ray is equipped with controllable lights and a high resolution camera the documentation of this type of inspection is often better than if the client drained the tank and entered it himself.  Of course entering a confined space brings a list of safety issued and concerns.  If the tank held potable drinking water chorine residue on the interior floors and walls can produce a deadly chlorine gas (especially on a hot day).  Corrosion can deplete oxygen levels in a confined space.   The cost of the water.  On large tank inspections the inspection contractor often is less than the cost of the water.  When you consider down time, water testing, and the stress on your tank from removing and refilling the water contractors who offer no or little disruption in your service are always a value.


Using the ROV can produce the best documentation and is much safer than placing a person inside the water storage tank.

Ron Perrin Water Technologies has a Video Ray ROV available to inspect water storage tanks & towers.

For a proposal contact Ron Perrin at

or call toll free 888-481-1ROV   (1768)

In addition to being able to inspect the tanks with no disruption in service most ROV inspection contractors also provide a video on DVD showing the inspection.


Ron Perrin Water Technologies goes farther providing a written report with key inspection points photographed.  The video is narrated so you understand what part of the tank you are looking at.

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