Water Tank Inspection Book

In my 2008  book INSPECTING & CLEANING POTABLE WATER STORAGE  I offer information you need to make better decisions managing your water utility storage tanks & towers.  Get a better understanding of state rules & requirements.

Understand the different inspection methods and have a better understanding of in house inspections compared to hiring a professional inspection contractor.  Read more about my book below or if your looking for a Water tank Inspection Contractor Visit www.ronperrin.com or call 888-481-1768 for a free price quote.

Ron and his Video Ray ROV

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By Ron Perrin

A reference mauual for Water Utility Managers & Directors.

Are you a water utility manager having trouble funding the tank inspections & cleanings you need?  This book is for you!

Over time sediment builds up in all water storage tanks.  This book shows you what it looks like when it is removed from water storage tanks and towers.  If a picture is worth a thousand words these full color photos give you a thousand reasons why potable water storage tanks should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.  Chapters cover, state rules, contamination found in potable water, inspection methods and cleaning methods.

Bacteria, protazoa and even viruses can find the sediment in the floor of a water storage tank an inviting habitat. The sediment can allow many microbiological contaminates to get a foothold in your system, grow and create a larger problem. The EPA has determined that microbiological growth in distribution systems is a threat to public health.

If you can’t get your supervisors, directors or council members to look at this web site, now you can order the book and put it in their hands. The photos make the case- Inspecting & Cleaning Public water supplies should be a top priority.



Click here to order the book:

Buy the book Click Here

Are you looking for a contractor who can safely perform water storage tank inspections?

Call Ron Perrin Water Technologies TOLL FREE 888-481-1768

visit our web site at  www.ronperrin.com

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